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Tori's Place
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Ear Piercing
Ear piercing is widely desired, but very few places provide
this service in a professional, sterile setting. Infections and
poor placement are common when done by an inexperienced
person. Even Doctors and People in the medial field have
been known to make lots of mistakes, this why going to and
expert with over 20 years of experience is the best thing you
can do.
We have been piercing ears since 1990 and have an
exceptional reputation. Our customers travel from all over NY,
NJ ,Westchester & CT just to get their ears pierced by us. We
numb the ears and pierce them at the same time. We have ear
piercing certificates and other special treats for the children,
as well as a large selection of earrings to choose from. We
specialize in Baby Ear Piercing, Second piercing, and
Cartilages. We also do  Ear Piercing corrections.

We offer a topical anesthetic, (numbing cream) to make your
experience painless.

*Sterile one time use of instrument
*20 Plus years experience                
*Ages infants to adults                      
*Pierce Both Ears at same time       
*Numb the Ears                                  
*Large Selection of Earrings            
*Licensed and Friendly Staff           

We have a HUGE selection of earrings to choose from
including; stainless steel , Gold plated, 14K Gold, 14K white
Gold, 14K white Gold. 14K Gold 3 Point Diamonds, 14K Gold 5
Point & 14K Gold 8 Point Diamonds

We Have a Private Ear Piercing Room for your comfort and

Call To make your appointment TODAY 516-767-7672